This was Monday night this week. In our office. At around 11pm. (We burn the midnight oil every night around here.) Sometimes we listen to music. Sometimes we watch episodes of current TV shows on Sometime’s we’re goofy.  Sometimes we don’t talk to each other for an hour because we’re so focused on our projects. Sometimes it’s hard to […]

Twelfth Graders

I wrote my first letter of recommendation today. One of my students needed a letter for his senior portfolio; luckily he’s always been a great and sweet student so it was easy to write. I loved that when I slipped it to him this afternoon, he immediately flipped it over to read it and started grinning. Since I started working […]

The Haps: April 2012

She spent her spring break organizing the house and learning Adobe Captivate via only got a Good Friday break.They did the recycling, got the car washed, and hit up the La Mesa farmer’s market on his day off. <<>> She is on her third Master’s class. And is kicking it’s behind, thank you.She loves that there are zero essays and plenty of […]

Smoothie Update

I’ve been getting requests for my smoothie recipes on Instagram- definitely motivating me to update the daily green smoothie here on the blog. Seriously, though, I just kind of wing it depending on what’s in our fridge, what may go bad soon, or how much time I have in the morning. This morning happens to be Saturday, so I had […]