She spent her spring break organizing the house and learning Adobe Captivate via

He only got a Good Friday break.

They did the recycling, got the car washed, and hit up the La Mesa farmer’s market on his day off.


She is on her third Master’s class. And is kicking it’s behind, thank you.

She loves that there are zero essays and plenty of technological projects.

He has his own homework: keeping track of all the business expenses.

He is also a wiz photo editor. (Four week turnaround? Try 1.2 weeks. He’s just that good.)


They have been making lots of green smoothies lately, because they are trying to be healthier.

She is getting good at making salads, but almost smoked the house out making a curry last week.

He is getting good at eating whatever she makes. (Even if it has eggplant in it.)

He texted her today that she should be proud: he ordered a veggie sandwich for lunch.

She didn’t text him back that she’d gotten a $.69 coke from McDonald’s that morning.


He is a craigslist stud and found two of the cameras they wanted, in amazing condition, for amazing prices.

He is currently reading up on the D700 manual before bed.

She hasn’t gotten to play with her D700 yet. (Sunday’s newborn shoot will be the first play date.)

They finally came to a compromise on their new logo and website. (It’s going to be awe-some.)

They have booked six weddings so far this year. (It would have been eight, if it weren’t for everyone getting married on August 11.)

They are planning a road trip vacation before all the weddings start.


She had an interview for a teaching job on Tuesday.

He brought her their wedding flowers on Wednesday.

(She hasn’t heard anything, but the flowers are bright and cheerful.)