Oh, my goodness, we are at November already. So much for my commitment to blog more frequently. My last post was August 24th! So here’s just a quick life update while Lincoln naps and I finish my lunch, before diving in to mapping out my Unit 3 that we’ll be starting on Monday. This week was fall break for school. […]

Life right now.

Well, school’s back in full swing again! This is my first year teaching my regular math class while simultaneously being a mama, and I fully expect this year to be ridiculous. Gone are the days of coming home exhausted and just falling into bed for a late afternoon nap. Now the days are go, go, go from 6am until Lincoln […]

Tuesday blues

It is 8:54 and I have achieved my main goal of the day by being in bed before 9. I am so thankful this day is over. Lincoln woke up around 4am and took his sweet time going back to sleep, so I’ve basically felt exhausted all day. Last night was, sadly, one of those nights I chose to stay […]

Typical Saturday in June

Today I took no pictures. I think this is the first day since Lincoln was born that I can say that. As I sat down to write about the day tonight, I reached for my phone to upload some pictures to go along with it, and had this realization. No pictures to go along with the story. Feels weird. Today […]

Sewing is the new math class

Wow, today was exhausting. Not only is it state testing week for us, but during the non-testing parts of the day, we’re doing Mother’s Day projects with the kids. One of my fellow teachers is doing bath bombs with the kids, so I volunteered to show them how to sew envelopes for them out of burlap. I may have picked […]

Going oily

All righty, people, I’ve taken up distributing with Young Living. If you’re unfamiliar, Young Living is one of the top two companies selling 100% pure essential oils. (And you want the pure ones, believe me.) Essential oils probably seem like the latest “gimmick” these days, especially if you, like me, see everyone and their mother trying to convince you to […]

Sunday sleep-in

This morning all three of us are lounging in bed, recovering from a big family wedding weekend. Lincoln pretty much didn’t nap at all yesterday, so we’re trying to give him as much time as possible to catch up on those zzz’s. He sleeps really well in our bed in the mornings, and even though I’m squished on the edge, […]

Around here…

Around here, we are playing Baby Signing Time a lot. Like, to the point that when I’m at school, the lines running through my head are “These are the pets I love, bird, bird, bird, bird, tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet,” “I’m in a car… here I go!” and “Mom has a mom and she’s my grandma, she’s another mother […]