Well, my pictures uploaded backwards, so we’ll start with the end of the day! Chris and I met his co-worker Jasmine for appetizer and drinks at the Riviera. We talked photography, work, and tater tots.

Earlier that day, I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to finally load up on some much-needed spice containers. Our cabinet had become filled with little bags of spices from Sprouts that had no permanent home. (And I still had a bunch of 20 percent coupons to spare, as you can see.)

I also got rid of tons of old spices we had. I hear spices are bad after like six months, and I’m sure most of the spices we had in there were at least 3 years old. I won’t ever buy in bulk again, unless the jar it comes in is super cute. (Like the organics brand at Sprouts. Love those glasses.)

Got a new pair of sunglasses. I apparently left mine in the abandoned field near Courtney and David’s house last night. Sigh. I totally broke the ‘No Dumping’ rule!

And to start off the morning, we had Jack’s wake up call. It’s hard to escape it.

And there we have it: April 3rd in reverse!