Yes, I am finally getting back around to blogging. Man, I wish I could blog more often. I hate not being able to look back and see what was going on. For the month of March, I had a whopping two posts! Two! Who the heck knows what we did in March of 2012 now?
Actually, I’ve come to realize that with Facebook and Twitter, I can easily tell what was going on, albeit in smaller increments. Too bad I can’t just link everything into one feed! That would make life easy and keep the blogging guilt at bay.
So here’s the haps for spring break:
I have four main goals this week. One, purge the house of stuff we don’t need, and organize the stuff that stays. So far, I have done the bathroom cabinets (almost completely) and the spice rack and a few cabinets in the kitchen. Threw out an entire garbage bag of unnecessary junk yesterday, and it. felt. good. (Even though doing it at the time is painful- what if we did want the probably-long-expired bottle of nutmeg?) 

Second goal is to pad my portfolio with tons of stuff to show on my official, final interview next week. I’m excited to show off all the stuff I’ve been doing, and so nervous that I won’t have enough time in the interview to get to show it off. 🙁 I’m also going through all the tutorials for Adobe Captivate, which is a presentation software that pretty much is like PowerPoint on steroids. You can actually create flash files that are interactive for the viewer. Love it! Totally want to make quizzes and tests with it! (Yes, I am a nerd.)
Third goal is to get us eating some good, healthy foods. Chris and I decided to try to start going casual vegan/vegetarian. Casual as in, we’re laying off the meats and dairy, but not to the point that we’re cutting out completely. As Chris notes, we both love Mexican food too much to cut out cheese. Milk, sure, but not the cheese. Unfortunately for this goal, we’ve been having either lunch or dinner with friends the last three days, so I haven’t been able to actually put any recipes to use. Hopefully today I’ll make a trip over to Sprouts for some quinoa. I’m also trying to only buy what we need as we need it (even if it means more trips to the store), because we throw a lot of produce away before we get to it. And this makes me sad. I threw out an entire head of broccoli yesterday; we hadn’t chopped off one little stalk. 🙁 Sprouts is right down the street anyway, so it’s not too big of a deal. So we’re pretty psyched about eating healthier and cutting out the junk that’s in processed foods. 
Fourth goal is editing. I’ve got a spring portrait session with our favorite (five-year-old) client Adalyn and her baby sister, then a six month shoot from the Santone twins! Super cute shots for both, and I’m excited to get to that part of my week.
So those are my goals! I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday though. Why do breaks go by so fast? If this were a regular week it would be dragging on. I would be saying, “Geez, it’s only Wednesday,” instead of, “Ah! It’s already Wednesday! I’m running out of time!” I was kind of freaking out on Monday with all the stuff I had to do, so I decided to make smaller daily lists to check off, too, which has helped.
Today’s list:
Finish the bathroom organization
Organize the office (specifically my craft space)
Update the blog (check!)
Decide on a recipe for dinner tonight
Go to Sprouts (get a 69 cent coke on the way)
Finish our voter registration cards (we hadn’t re-registered after we moved)
Watch two more chapters of the lynda Captivate videos
Vaccuum bathroom (per Chris’ request)
Do Chris’ laundry (per Chris’ request)
Make my daily green smoothie (and check again!)
Let’s talk about the smoothie thing. We’ve been doing green smoothies for awhile around here, and I’m super lucky that Chris got me the Ninja blender for finishing my credential program. That thing is amazing! I read somewhere that daily green smoothies can do wonders for energy, not to mention you get about six servings of fruits and vegetables from one smoothie (and even more, depending on what you put in it). 
Today I kept things simple:
1 cup of strawberries
1 banana
3 cups of spinach
2 cups of kale
I was trying to really pack the greens in there, as you can see from the photo. Spinach and kale are perfect for this, because they really don’t have any taste, whereas strawberries and bananas are perfect in the opposite way for masking out any other flavors. I was also trying to make a Jordan-sized smoothie, not a Chris-and-Jordan-and-some-extra sized smoothie, but I got a little more than I bargained for with this one, about one and a half full glasses. Took a while to drink the whole thing. 

And we can’t have a post without these little stinkers. They had just finished up their breakfast and were waiting for me to toss a hair tie out in the hall for them to chase. They have quite a routine in the morning.