Essential Rewards: March 2018 Box

It’s Lincoln’s favorite time of the month: when the Young Living essential rewards order comes in! He just loves opening up those tubes and seeing what’s in them. Then he likes to play with the (unopened) bottles like they’re Little People figures. They go in his trash truck, his play airplane, or he just lines them all up and talks […]

The Wonders of Manuka Honey

A few months ago I was chasing DIY facial cleansers down the Pinterest rabbit hole when I came across manuka honey. I’d never heard of it before, but from what I read, it’s supposed to be flipping amazing. I first saw it mentioned on the Wellness Mama website. I’d already decided to go ahead and try a foaming face wash, […]

Oily Delivery

I’ve started videoing our monthly Young Living package opening, since apparently it’s the cool thing to do these days. Mostly I just love Lincoln’s reactions, because he LOVES opening our package each month. He seriously will spend an hour playing with the cardboard tubes and oils. My favorite part of this video? How he switches from Cranky Pants McGee straight […]

Thyroiditis: My New Nemesis

As much as I love this little monkey so, so much**, I’ve got to admit something: momming has been really hard lately.  This is due in part to this crazy thyroiditis I developed around Christmastime. Yes, Christmastime. And it’s almost the end of March. It’s been a long and annoying time. Even more annoying? There is very little information on […]