DIY Spider Spray.

DIY Spider Spray.

For when your classroom or home is infested with eight-legged creatures.


My new classroom has some serious issues. Every time I’ve gone there, I’m greeted by yet another spider, web, or both. It’s got to stop. My principal has already killed two particular mean looking guys who tried to take up residence, but I can’t keep calling him across campus to deal with these things.

Enter the internet and its vast information, specifically concerning peppermint oil and spiders’ dislike of said oil.

So we’re going to try some things….


Here’s what I grabbed off Amazon tonight:

1.  Peppermint oil. This isn’t the one I would usually buy, because I really like the more quality brands like Revive or Young Living, but it was the biggest I could find. I have a feeing I’m going to go through a lot of this potion this year.

2. Glass spray bottle. I’ve already got a few of these around my house, and they work great. If you’re adding oils, you want a glass bottle, because plastic can eat away at the oils over time.

3. I’ve already got this vegetable glycerin, which is an emulsifier that will help the oils blend with the water.

4. I also grabbed another of my favorite diffusers. My old classroom diffuser was broken in a move, but it was a really cheap one that wasn’t great anyway. I have this one in my house and it lasts hours because of the wide basin, so it’s perfect to diffuse for an entire school day.

Peppermint Spider Spray:

1.  Add about 1 ounce of vegetable glycerin to the spray bottle.

2.  Add 30 drops of peppermint oil and shake to mix.

3.   Fill the rest with water and shake to mix.

4.  Spray those suckers! 

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  1. Akyn Fullhouse

    This DIY Spider spray is so much helpful at home to get rid of unwanted spiders trying to scare everyone in the house. Thanks for sharing your easy to follow steps

  2. Gervin Khan

    This is such a great DIY spider spray! That anybody can do in the comfort of their home. Plus the best part is it’s easy to make, got to make this asap!

  3. Carmen

    I have to get back to adding just peppermint oil into my diffuser to keep them AWAY.

  4. Monica Simpson

    I really hate spiders in our house. They can go outside and stay there where they belong!

  5. Patricia Chamberlain

    I hate spiders! I’m totally going to make this spray as soon as I can.

  6. Charina Rasing

    I can’t take spiders at all (big or small). Thankfully you have this spray. I can make one out of my peppermint essential oil.

  7. Clarice

    I have the same problem so, will definitely try this out. I just have to check if we have vegetable glycerin available. Thank you for sharing this easy-to-follow guide.

  8. Marysa

    Sounds like a good way to help with pests! I love that it is a natural way to go, and without harsh chemicals.