It’s Lincoln’s favorite time of the month: when the Young Living essential rewards order comes in!

He just loves opening up those tubes and seeing what’s in them. Then he likes to play with the (unopened) bottles like they’re Little People figures. They go in his trash truck, his play airplane, or he just lines them all up and talks about their colors. 🙂


In our essential rewards box this month:


SniffleEase: Like I said in the video, L’s been having some sniffles lately. Not a real sickness, just a runny nose. Hoping diffusing this one around him when he’s playing will help ease that up a bit.

SleepyIze: Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Geranium, Frankincense, Bergamot, and Tangerine. Um, yes please. My favorite oil hands down is Roman Chamomile- it is sleep magic- but it’s almost always out of stock, so it’s great to still be able to get it in a blend.

TummyGize: I’m really excited to try this one out next time L needs a little, uh, “help” in the digesting department. Occasionally he gets a bit constipated and it’s really sad watching him hunch over on the stairs (his favorite place to do his business) and struggle to do his thing. Up until now I’ve diluted DiGize heavily with a carrier oil and rubbed it on his tummy in a circular motion and this has helped immensely. But man does DiGize stink! I like the idea of having something gentler and less stinky on hand.

Joy: This was my splurge oil this month. I actually haven’t ordered it ever! I had a 5 ml bottle from my starter kit several years ago, and I used it up during my pregnancy and, like I told Lincoln, it was one of my go-to oils I brought with me to the hospital. (I brought ziploc baggies with cotton balls, and every once in awhile Chris would put a couple fresh drops of oils for me to inhale from. Both my Joy and Stress Away ran out that night! But I was a calm happy laborer!)

Lemon: This was my freebie this month, but you can never have too much lemon. I add it to my water (and I’ve heard this has helped some people lose weight), I use it when I’m cleaning produce after grocery shopping, and I like to sprinkle some drops around on the carpet along with baking soda before I vacuum.

Jade Lemon: Yum. Enough said.