One (for one more day)

So Lincoln turns 2 tomorrow, somehow. Chris and I are both still shocked we’ve made it to this point. While it seems both forever ago and like last week that we were sitting in a hospital bed cradling him, wondering how in the world we were supposed to take care of this tiny little monkey, it really has been two […]

My Favorite.

One of my current favorite things about Lincoln lately is when he tries to tell me about his day. He’s at the point where he talks in sentences… but deciphering all the words is not an easy task! When he’s in an especially talkative mood, I’ll ask him what he did that day with his friend Piper, and he’ll get […]

Oily Delivery

I’ve started videoing our monthly Young Living package opening, since apparently it’s the cool thing to do these days. Mostly I just love Lincoln’s reactions, because he LOVES opening our package each month. He seriously will spend an hour playing with the cardboard tubes and oils. My favorite part of this video? How he switches from Cranky Pants McGee straight […]

Shrimp with Quinoa and Spinach

Lincoln has had an amazing food day today. And by that, I mean he has probably had the most healthy eating day he’s ever had in his little life (breastfeeding days excluded, of course). It’s been so exciting seeing him eat AND enjoy so much good-for-him food! For breakfast we had green smoothies chock full of veggies and fruits and […]