We’ve been doing a lot of kid shoots lately until our “wedding season” starts in September. And for a long time, we only had families with boys coming to us for photos. These boys were generally in the 2-3 year old range, and while completely adorable, they were a little hard to get to sit still for some modeling. Sigh.  […]

This is a scratch free zone.

We finally got the Soft Paws from Amazon. I waited two days for the kittens to be sufficiently asleep before attempting to get them on. Jack wasn’t too thrilled when he woke up when we were half way through with one paw. Sawyer could’ve cared less while we put them on; actually, Chris did Sawyer’s all by himself.  And we’ve […]

Next to Me Studios

So this evening (as my husband and I sit on the couches with our laptops, watching Netflixed shows, in our previously mentioned date night in), I did some research and used some of my internet skillz to figure out the whole blog button conundrum. The result? Two brand spanking new blog buttons, right over there on that sidebar. They link […]

It’s no secret.

I really, really, really, really love this guy. He’s my favorite for sure. Looking forward to spending a Friday night at home with him. I’m hoping tonight we can watch a Netflix while we work side by side on our photo edits. It’s our version of date night in. 🙂

Just do it.

Guys, let’s be real. Life’s scary sometimes. I happen to be feeling quite anxious now that I can actually see the light at the end of my teaching credentialing tunnel. Sometimes? I just want to curl up in a ball under a fluffy blanket on my bed and shut the world out. There are things I think I can’t do. […]

Picasa for the win!

I think I found an awesome way to put up grids of photos- Picasa! Guys, blogger is the WORST for trying to format pictures. The. Worst. So I went a-looking online to see if people had found any workarounds, other than our default of creating a grid in Photoshop. And Picasa scores big. I did this collage in like two […]