He’s been spending late nights getting their photography business off the ground. Editing photos, creating contracts, and schmoozing clients over gmail.

She’s been enjoying her education technology class. Not only is it an easy A, but she’s finding great resources to use with her kids.

He’s been looking hotter than normal, especially with his unshaven manliness.

(She let him know that.)

She’s been working on looking hotter than normal (to even things out) via dance workouts on Netflix. Those things’ll kick your butt.

He’s been coveting a D800.

She’s been coveting an/his iphone.

He’s been more considerate letting her borrow his iphone.

She’s been more considerate not running the battery down playing angry birds in the car.

He’s been into playing video games on the Wii in his spare time.

She’s been into taking naps in her spare time.

He’s in work mode a lot, but comes up for air (and a quick snuggle) once in awhile.

She’s discovered photo booth on her mac. When he’s in work mode, she photo booths it up with the kittens.

He’s been into researching camera gear.

She’s been into researching split toning.

He’s been disciplining the cats with an industrialized sniper squirt bottle (originally used to shoot popcorn off the ceiling).

She’s been disciplining the cats with a cute blue, four inch high squirt bottle from the dollar bin at Target.

He’s been squirting her with the industrialized sniper squirt bottle for not picking up her laundry.

She’s been secretly determining the best time of night to pour a bucket of ice water over him.