We’ve been doing a lot of kid shoots lately until our “wedding season” starts in September. And for a long time, we only had families with boys coming to us for photos. These boys were generally in the 2-3 year old range, and while completely adorable, they were a little hard to get to sit still for some modeling. Sigh. 
So I was excited when a friend of Sarah and Kristen’s (and I think she used to work with Chris back in his Long’s college days?) asked us to photograph her two girls! Older sister was completely up for a little modeling session, and baby sister, while a little cantankerous throughout the shoot, did break through with a few grand smiles everyone once in a while. We also did an entire family session with the girls, their parents, favorite aunt, and grandparents, and I absolutely love the color scheme mom picked out for the whole group- purples, pinks, and blues look amazing for a family shoot!
We actually just did a second shoot for them, to celebrate big sister’s fifth birthday, and I’ve been working on those edits for the past week or so- part of the reason I wanted to go back and look at these first shots. I’m logging off to finish those edits now, and then tomorrow Chris and I are off to Redlands again for another big family shoot with the Cowens!