Christmas once again in Yucaipa

Happy Christmas, everyone! We’re up at the Trementozzi’s house to celebrate for a few days, but don’t get any ideas of sneaking into our house- my sister’s standing guard for us with a couple of ferocious(ly cute) kittens. If you’re new around here, Trementozzi Christmas is an all-day event. We’re gearing up to have some breakfast and start the present […]

Christmas (with Kittens)

The kittens love the new Christmas tree. You’ll notice that there are no actual ornaments anywhere near the parts of the tree they can get to. Our tree is very top heavy with ornaments. Sawyer has developed a thing for my socks. He loves pulling open my sock drawer and grabbing the closest sock. Then the next closest sock. And […]

Cuddle time.

Don’t hate because your cat is not nearly as cool as my cat. This is very representative of Jack’s sleeping positions lately. He has learned that he LOVES the comforter, especially if he can wiggle in so just his head is out of it, like how we humans sleep. When it’s bedtime, he comes to the top of the sheets, […]

At the Trementozzi house…

It’s Christmas break time! Woo-hoo! Had our work party on Friday, and discovered The Best Holiday Cookies Ever. Pepperidge Farm Holiday edition at Target. They’re the package with three different kinds of cookies, but you’ll just want the little chessmen dipped in dark chocolate on one side.  Go get ’em people. They’re only here for a limited time. Chris’ work party […]

Meeting Prince Charming

My husband’s ‘like’ of my last reminiscent-themed post has spurred me to look through the old photo files. I was looking specifically for the first photo I ever took of him, or the first one of both of us together. Haven’t found it yet, but I did find this little gem in the Picture of the Day archives of really […]