Don’t hate because your cat is not nearly as cool as my cat. This is very representative of Jack’s sleeping positions lately. He has learned that he LOVES the comforter, especially if he can wiggle in so just his head is out of it, like how we humans sleep. When it’s bedtime, he comes to the top of the sheets, wiggles all the way down to my waist, does a 360, and comes back up to curl into my side with his head sticking it out. He’s also begun reaching out to touch our faces at night, which is apparently something cats do to show affection sometimes. It’s been a little frightening to see his clawed hand come at our faces (even if he does ‘caress’ he still snags us across the cheek sometimes), but we put the claw covers on again this week so it’s much sweeter now.
Sawyer’s the perfect bed cat: he sleeps at our feet and doesn’t move all night long. Outside of bedtime, he has picked up this annoying habit of jumping on our backs whenever we bend over. As much as Jack LOVES the comforter and being near our faces, Sawyer LOVES being on our backs. As soon as he gets up there, he drapes his arms around our necks and starts purring and nuzzling our ears. It’s really cute for a bit, then you realize you want to stand straight up and can’t without getting lacerations down your back, because he does NOT want to be slid off. Usually we need to call each other for kitten removal to carry on with whatever we were doing. 
And now, after writing two long paragraphs about the antics of our kittens, I have to ask myself if I’m turning into one of those people. But really, I don’t have a ton else to post about right now. Same old, same old at the Trementozzi condo. Chris is doing studio work. I’m doing a variety of projects on my laptop. I can’t post about the many, many photos shoots we’ve just finished up this season (not until the husband gives me the okay- we’ve got our studio blog to pump our photography antics to first). The cats are our only source of entertainment currently. 
So stories about our lovely kittens it shall be.