It’s Christmas break time! Woo-hoo! Had our work party on Friday, and discovered The Best Holiday Cookies Ever. Pepperidge Farm Holiday edition at Target. They’re the package with three different kinds of cookies, but you’ll just want the little chessmen dipped in dark chocolate on one side.  Go get ’em people. They’re only here for a limited time.

Chris’ work party is tomorrow, and lucky him he gets to go late and come home early (hopefully). They’re taking a cooking class in some schnazzy place in Hillcrest.

What have we been up to around here this weekend? Cleaning and organizing and finishing up a couple shoot edits. Cleaning happened because we had a little cat incident Friday morning, which doesn’t need to go into more detail here… Organizing happened because Chris can’t work in an unorganized environment. We’re currently working on getting rid of my smaller desk in the office, condensing my craft stuff (hope to scrapbook some this week to “condense” further), getting rid of things we don’t use (CD’s! Why did we ever buy CD’s!), and wrapping up the presents that have been slowly growing to take over one corner of the room. 

This picture is… weird. As I thought about the fact that I hadn’t written a blog lately, I began storing things in my head to write about. And then I realized I needed a photo to go with the story. So as soon as Chris left the room, I grabbed his iphone to take a quick pic to send to myself. But he walked right back in then, and I tried to get him in the shot. He dived behind me and started tickling me so I couldn’t get him. Punk! 

All I want for Christmas is my own iphone! Blasted January 27th can’t come soon enough!