Made green smoothies. (This one’s got blueberries, which masks the green.)
 Got artsy with some paints
Had steaming hot bowls of chili that were oh so satisfying in our cold, cold house.

Made my awesome spicy chicken soup and added way more spinach than normal, just to get rid of it in my fridge. (You could tell there was way more, especially with the cilantro, and the additional fresh parsley, which I was also trying to get rid of. It looked like green soup until I added 8 more cups of water to balance it back out.)
 Was amused every time Jack sat in front of the kitchen sink and gave me this look. This is his, “please, sir, can I have another?” plead for more treats. Did I mention I taught my delightfully smart kittens to sit on command for treats? Now Jack just goes to the kitchen and sits, staring at us with that look, until we’re so enamored with him that we cave in.
 Updated the audio books on my ipod. I’ve been going through the Harry Potter series while in my car. It’s fantastic, because I love multi-tasking and I certainly have no time to sit and read lately. Next up: Order of the Phoenix.
This is Jack’s “What is going on up there?” face, as I was chopping the spinach and carrots, and little pieces of carrot kept flying off the counter and on to the floor.
 Same sentiment as before, just trying to get a better view.
 This is what Sawyer does while I’m cooking. Sits on my feet in the corner. Sometimes he brings Green Mouse with him and flings himself and his toy around my ankles.
 This was a real, true green smoothie in every sense of the word. But we left it in the fridge for three days, and they’re not even really good after one day, so cleaning all the stuff we’d left to sit in the fridge that we’d “eat later” was another one of my tasks this week.
 Chris has been in “come home from work, play video games” mode lately. It’s his de-stresser. 
 Finished product. This was the first time I’d crock potted it, instead of cooking it over the stove. And it was a good thing I’d made a huge crock pot batch, because we had surprise visitors that night!
 Chris’ new laptop/monitor setup. Dual screens. And there’s our Christmas picture photo up on the laptop!
 Why is Chris smiling here?
 Because of our surprise guests!
 What I love about my old roommate Mandy is that she’s totally willing to come over spontaneously at 10pm to make sure she gets in hang out time on her short trip out here. She’d been hanging with my sister Britt and their reunion small group party, heard Britt was stopping by to exchange gifts, and decided she’d come too! My phone was on silent when she called to inform me of this, but when we finally spoke she said, “I figured I’d just come over anyway!” That’s what I love about favorite friends. They totally know they can stop by at any hour, because seeing them trumps sleep any day! 
Mandy came with baby Judah and husband David. And I had plenty of warm soup ready for them, just as a good hostess should.
Also of note: hearing someone will be arriving at your house in five minutes sets you in a whirlwind streak to clean up the house. Before I’d even gotten off the phone, Chris had made the bed and hidden the laundry. We got all the dishes done and took the recycling to the garage, and even had time to light warm pumpkin spice candles (as a good hostess should always have lit when guests are coming). 

Next time on the blog: The kittens meet a baby for the first time.