December 3, 2:30pm- We throw our overnight bag and camera gear in the car and head to Alpine.

December 3, 2:55pm- Find the park we’re scheduled to photograph a family at 3pm. Turns out it’s private property. Chris convinces me to take one for the team and break the law with him. (Ah, love.)
December 3, 3:03pm- Step out of the car; discover Alpine is FRIGID this time of year. Go back to car for jackets.
December 3, 3:10pm- Clients arrive with the most smiling, happy six month old we’ve ever seen. Doesn’t seem to mind the frigidness, despite her short sleeves.
December 3, 4:40pm- We stop at a giant open field we discover on the way back to the freeway to take our own portraits. Chris sets up the camera on a small tripod on a rock, and we take cutesy lovey dovey hey-we’re-in-a-field! shots as the sun sets behind us.
December 3, 4:55pm- Looking for grub in Alpine. The Urban Spoon app tells us the Alpine Taco Shop is along our route. It’s got 96% likes.
December 3, 5:10pm- Start eating the best fish burrito in the world. Make plans over equally delectable rice and beans to come to Alpine more often for this food.
December 3, 5:30pm- On the road again! Check for Apple store locations en route; find one in Escondido.
December 3, 6:15pm- Stop at North County Fair shopping center to hit up the Apple store for a monitor connector. Get suckered into frozen yogurt due to free samples and Chris’ inability to pass up frozen yogurt. Sit and watch the kids in line for Santa and the parents in line for shots at the Picture People while we eat our yogurt.
December 3, 7pm- On the road again!
December 3, 8:30pm- Made it to the Trementozzi’s house in Redlands. Stay up late editing photos, watching NCIS, talking to Mom T., and, in Chris’ case, playing basketball on his iphone till the wee hours of the morning.
December 4, 12:58am- I wake up enough to wonder aloud what could possibly be so interesting about that game that it surpasses the desire to sleep?
December 4, 6:30am- Chris’ alarm goes off. I pretend not to hear it. Chris, thankfully, puts it on snooze.
December 4, 7am- Alarm goes off again. Time to get up for real.
December 4, 7:30am- Packed and out the door. Headed to Sylvan Park for our double one-year old photo shoot with Will and Nelly and their families.
December 4, 8am- Discover Redlands is even more FRIGID than Alpine! Feel sad for ourselves that we have to get out of the car.
December 4, 8:15am- Our teeny subjects arrive and we get to snapping. Mobile one-year-olds are challenging.
December 4, 10:15am- Make plans with the group for doughnuts and breakfast burritos.
December 4, 10:30am- Hit up a Vons for tortillas, bacon, and orange juice. Get very excited that the restrooms are in the front of the store and contain multiple stalls, unlike most grocery story restrooms that are hidden in dark hallways and don’t always have locks.
December 4, 10:45am- Breakfast at the Bishops. We talk about being teachers and bartenders.
December 4, 12:00pm- On the road again!
December 4, 2:30pm- Trudge up the stairs with our overnight bag and camera gear. The cats are overjoyed to see us again. Or maybe we’re overjoyed to see them again? Indifference is such a common look on their little kitten faces….