Well, school’s back in full swing again! This is my first year teaching my regular math class while simultaneously being a mama, and I fully expect this year to be ridiculous. Gone are the days of coming home exhausted and just falling into bed for a late afternoon nap. Now the days are go, go, go from 6am until Lincoln goes to bed around 7pm… and then it’s finally time for me to get to do all the fun stuff I couldn’t do while he was awake, like the dishes, or prep for the next day.

Despite all this craziness, life is feeling pretty good right now. My students are pretty awesome. They’re the same kids I had last year when I was teaching 7th grade study hall classes and tutoring, so it’s fun for me to start the year already knowing them all. And it’s definitely helpful already knowing who I need to keep an extra eye on during class. I know which kids I need to frequently visit to make sure they’re keeping on task, and I know who can probably answer my questions before I even ask them. It’s going to be a fun year for sure.

Lincoln’s been having a ball the last couple weeks. Along with attending “Daddy Daycare,” he visits our friend Kristin a lot, who takes him to the Y with her kids, so he still gets to see his friends at the infant child watch there. Two days a week he goes to his daycare house, run by a parent of twins in my class. He goes along with our P.E. teacher’s daughter and occasionally other staff kids, and getting to hang out with other kiddos in the 2-4 range is so much fun for him. Our little guy is super social and just loves being around anybody.

To add to the craziness this year, Chris and I are considering buying our next house! Because, you know, that sounds like a great idea in what will probably be my most challenging teaching year yet. (Except for the first year. Oh man, that first year….) No idea if we’re actually going to go through with it, but we’ve been dreaming and scheming up ways to try to get into a 4 bedroom. I suppose that’s one way to really make this year memorable!