It is 8:54 and I have achieved my main goal of the day by being in bed before 9. I am so thankful this day is over.

Lincoln woke up around 4am and took his sweet time going back to sleep, so I’ve basically felt exhausted all day. Last night was, sadly, one of those nights I chose to stay up doing things, instead of my usual-and safe-10pm bedtime. Bad luck.
My 7th graders and I got moved to a tiny classroom this week, so the noise is compounded. And have I mentioned 7th grade Drama? Holy Bologna, I cannot with it anymore. I just cannot.
So I survived the day (with a little help from the Coke Chris brought me when he came with Lincoln for L’s morning nursing), and managed to make it to our neighborhood pho place for some takeout, then Chris and I tag teamed cleaning the kitchen (a wreck for several days now-we were out of baby bottles!) and getting Lincoln down for the night.

Here we are, Link and me eating his dinner. He loves salmon, and seemed to like the spaghetti squash, too. He couldn’t finish it all and I’ll admit, I definitely helped myself to some finger foods. (Good thing, too, because I didn’t get to eat my pho until 3 hours after I’d brought it home!)
So. I got the kid down. Chris took our ballots next door to our polling place. We ate our pho. I started Lincoln’s diaper laundry. I took a shower. I packed Lincoln’s things for his daycare house tomorrow. And now I am done.
And I am totally showing a movie in class tomorrow. 😉