Wow, today was exhausting. Not only is it state testing week for us, but during the non-testing parts of the day, we’re doing Mother’s Day projects with the kids. One of my fellow teachers is doing bath bombs with the kids, so I volunteered to show them how to sew envelopes for them out of burlap.

I may have picked a craft too advanced for the average 7th grader.

Day 1 is down, and only about 5 kids in each of my classes got to start the craft. While the actual sewing part isn’t that difficult, I failed to take into consideration the thread cutting, the needle threading, the knot tying, and the instructing of how to stitch. By the time I get through all that with one group, the module is over and I have to start over again with another group.

Fingers crossed that I get in a better groove tomorrow. At least it’s really adorable watching 7th grade boys concentrate so hard on stitching up the side of some lacy burlap. 😀