Lincoln’s Modern Woodland Nursery

Awww, it’s baby Lincoln. Gosh I miss that baby. (For the record, two-year-old Lincoln’s pretty rad, too. But geez louise, look at that blue steel!) This was our first “real” photo shoot we did with Lincoln, back when he was only 3 months old. Along with getting pictures of all of us as a little family, Chris also made sure […]

One (for one more day)

So Lincoln turns 2 tomorrow, somehow. Chris and I are both still shocked we’ve made it to this point. While it seems both forever ago and like last week that we were sitting in a hospital bed cradling him, wondering how in the world we were supposed to take care of this tiny little monkey, it really has been two […]

My Favorite.

One of my current favorite things about Lincoln lately is when he tries to tell me about his day. He’s at the point where he talks in sentences… but deciphering all the words is not an easy task! When he’s in an especially talkative mood, I’ll ask him what he did that day with his friend Piper, and he’ll get […]

Lincoln at 15 months

Oh my goodness, this kid is so much fun these days. 1) He loves doing chores. It started with the broom. He loved carrying the broom around. He’d have a fit if we actually took the broom to do some sweeping. Last weekend we were at Chris’ parent’s house, and Lincoln spent the majority of his time carrying their broom […]

The end of nursing

This week I nursed my baby for the very last time. Tears. Not going to lie, I still feel a bit in denial. Like we’re just taking a bit of a break, and he’ll be right back at it tomorrow. But I know he’s done. And I’m both happy and so incredibly sad at the same time.   I knew […]