Life update

Well, turns out all my fears about not being able to get pregnant a second time around were clearly unfounded, as I am now 7 weeks super-pregnant. What does super-pregnant mean, you ask? It means since five weeks I’ve been uber sick and it’s a constant reminder of how very much pregnant I am at every moment of the day. […]

Earth Day

We kicked our Earth Day weekend off today with a fun trip to a local botanical garden, and after a day out in the sun we were wiped! We had so much fun, but it was a long day, and Lincoln went right down at 6:30 tonight. Not going to lie, I followed right after, thinking I would just take a […]

Let’s Talk Ibotta

  I’m a little bit obsessed with my Ibotta app. Especially right now when there are a ton of great deals! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s the Ibotta gist in FAQ form: What the heck is Ibotta? Ibotta is an app which basically lets you do “backwards couponing.” What I mean by this: Instead of […]

Essential Rewards: March 2018 Box

It’s Lincoln’s favorite time of the month: when the Young Living essential rewards order comes in! He just loves opening up those tubes and seeing what’s in them. Then he likes to play with the (unopened) bottles like they’re Little People figures. They go in his trash truck, his play airplane, or he just lines them all up and talks […]

Disclaimer: Not Pregnant

Confession time. For the last 7-8 days or so, I’ve been 100% convinced that I’m pregnant. Like rushing to Amazon to buy pre-natal vitamins convinced. Like heading to Target to look at newborn sleepers and maternity jeans convinced. Like counting out the estimated due date and figuring out how maternity leave would fit into my school year convinced. I had […]

Systems of Equations: Bingo Activity

We made it to spring break! Hallelujah! But seriously, the last few weeks? Crazy Town. Absolute Crazy Town. We’re at that time of year when suddenly that whole idea of “testing” seems to come out of nowhere and slap everyone in the face. Suddenly “testing” has a date. And suddenly you, the teacher, have an official countdown to when your […]

Toddler Affirmations

It’s 10:50 pm and I’m currently sitting in the rocker in L’s room, a passed out toddler curled into me. He took a long time to fall asleep tonight, then kept waking up and playing with some of the toys that were in his bed. He was a little jazzed, because he just got a cool new, life-like trash can […]