So far so good for the New Year- both my kids slept in today. Thank goodness, because L was up until just past one, and S was only twenty minutes away from midnight before I finally got her down in her crib last night.

My brain was still going last night when I finally laid down after my first early morning pumping session, so I mulled over the word that had come to me earlier in the day as a possibility for my ‘One Little Word’ (also known as ‘Word of the Year.’

This word popped into my head earlier yesterday while I drove two screaming children back from a Target run in which we didn’t even make it into Target. We literally started driving there, and by the time we pulled up, I’d decided there was no way, did a quick drive up order instead from my phone, and shot right back home.

As I was driving and considering the fact that it was December 31st and I still hadn’t given my word much thought, a word rose up all on it’s own, as is usually the case with my words each year. It’s like deep down my brain knows what we need for the coming months and supplies it for me.


Not sure what that’s going to look like this year. Rise to the occasion? Rise (raise) my standards? Rise… earlier in the morning? (Ha, no, not that one.)

Not entirely sure, but here we go!