Recent snapshot.

Chris’ mom snapped this shot of us over the weekend from her phone. (Sidenote- I cannot wait to get an iphone and have a real camera phone finally!) We had stopped for lunch at Panera after church in Redlands. (Another sidenote- It’s always fun for me to get to see the little church community Chris grew up in, even if, […]


Our cat babies purr like nobody’s business. They purr when we get home. They purr when we’re cuddling them. They purr when they’re playing with their toy mouse. They purr when we turn the sink water on. They purr when they’re wrestling like ninjas on the banister. They purr when before, during, and after we feed them, which Chris found […]


Soooooooooooooo tired. We just got back from Katie and Mike’s wedding, which we’ve been photographing since 9am! My legs… I can’t feel them anymore. But here’s a quick update on life as we kick off October: 1) I finished my teaching credential requirements! I literally got my TPA 4 score back less than 24 hours after I sent it in. […]