Our cat babies purr like nobody’s business. They purr when we get home. They purr when we’re cuddling them. They purr when they’re playing with their toy mouse. They purr when we turn the sink water on. They purr when they’re wrestling like ninjas on the banister. They purr when before, during, and after we feed them, which Chris found highly amusing one night, and did a re-enactment of all the purring and chewing going on in the kitchen, while wondering how they didn’t choke. (Someday, I will ask him to re-enact this re-enactment for my video camera.)
Anyway, all this is to say that I should be used to sudden motorboat sounds in my ear, and yet somehow I was startled out of my baby editing zone by this guy. 
Yes. They even purr while maintaining that zoned out stare. They are talented.