We got the official word that the bank has given the clear to close. Woo-hoo! Now we just have to wait for them to draw up the loan documents… surely that can’t take too long… right?


Anyway, we got the call while we were at Fashion Valley mall (which is pretty much completely flooded– there’s only one entrance that’s not under water). To celebrate, we went to Home Depot to get paint and liners for the kitchen cabinets. My husband rocks. 🙂

Best case scenario: The people at Wells Fargo actually do their jobs the next two days. (This depends on if they don’t have Friday off.) We sign the paper work on Friday. We get keys on Tuesday.

Most likely scenario: The people at Wells Fargo are already checked out for Christmas. We’ll be lucky to get in before New Year’s.

Seriously, I think I’m a pretty calm person most of the time, but it irks me to no end when someone doesn’t do their job (or does it incorrectly) and it directly affects other people. Come on, people. Do your jobs.