… when her husband’s a better cook than her? Or at least more experienced. Or maybe just quicker at throwing meals together. Or just capable of looking in the fridge, tossing some things together, and voila! A dinner!
Seriously, it makes a new wife a little worried that she’s not pulling her weight around here. (Except for laundry, anyway. She does have the monopoly on the laundry.)
So what’s a new wife to do?
Bust out the crock pot. That’s what.
Chris may have the upper hand when it comes to creating meals from leftover things in the fridge, but I have the patience to go look up some yummy new recipes online and work out a real meal plan for the week that won’t break our bank. First round: Spicy beef roast with rice and edamame. I was a little wary this morning when I dumped in the can of pepperoncinis, and really wary when I came home from work and the entire house smelled very strongly of said pepperoncinis, but it was totally worth it when I tested a piece a few hours later. I love that the crock pot makes any kind of meat just fall apart. 
Chris gives it a 6 on the New Wife’s Cooking Scale. The scale, which we just hashed out in the last two minutes goes something like this: 1 is ‘I never want to eat this again.’ 5 is about at ‘I liked it, you did a good job, but I don’t love it enough that it should be a weekly dish.’ And 10 is the best home-cooked meal he’s ever had, which he claims ranks up there with some of his mom and grandma’s dishes (I know, awwwww, right?) So I’m happy with a 6. As long as my meals land between 5 and 10 I think we’ll maintain the happy little newlywed life we’ve got going on here. 🙂 And who knows, maybe I’ll be cool enough someday to attain a 10.
Something I learned from tonight’s cooking experience: frozen peas do not microwave well. I had little imploded peas come out of the steamer bowl, and they did not taste good like that. Edamame, however, comes out great, especially with a little butter and garlic salt. 
Stay tuned later on in the week, when the leftovers from tonight’s crock pot meal become spicy beef enchiladas!