First picture of the new year.

Sometimes the change from one year to another really doesn’t bring all that much change. 
This is not one of those years.
1) We moved into our wonderful and splendid condo the day before New Year’s Eve. This is easily the biggest change for our new year. We’ve got a whole huge place to ourselves, where we can put our things anywhere we want! It’s like a dream! And no roommates! It’s taking some time getting used to the fact that we can now make out in the living room. (What? Who said that?)
2) Along with moving houses, I’m also moving along in my teaching credential program. The end of this month will mark my halfway point and that start of my student teaching semester. As I put on my facebook status today, I feel both accomplished and overwhelmed right now. Accomplished because some of the hardest parts are behind me: the CSET, TPA 1 & 2, and the majority of my core classes. Overwhelmed because I just finished TPA 2 today (and still haven’t gotten over it just yet) and am starting a month of double classes. Let me tell you something: It is very hard to sit here at my desk, in our not-put-together office, and look out into our not-put-together-living room, and not go crazy with wanting to unpack some more boxes. But such is my life this month. 
3) We also got a new bed. This is the first real, grown up bed and mattress for both of us. It’s a little hard to get the hang of awesomeness, when you’re so used to sleeping like a college student for so many years. I feel very… formal when I go to bed at night. Yes, formal’s the right word. 
4) I’m also looking forward this year to getting back in shape. Yes, I know everyone’s probably blogging this exact same thing. But I really am tired of feeling tired and some of my clothes not fitting anymore. Also, it’s not cool when you get invited to play indoor soccer but say no because you know five minutes of running will render you helpless for the next week. (Seriously.) For Christmas, Ryan got Chris and I some cool workout equipment… including the big blue ball of awesome! I’m really looking forward to using that thing for crunches. Along with exercise, I’m thinking of doing the Master Cleanse at some point. Part of me thinks I could totally handle it. (The more sensible part of me thinks I like food too much and have no self control.) But not quite so soon. I don’t think I could handle a double load of classes, a house of boxes, and no food, without snapping. Maybe in February.
All righty, break’s over. Gotta get back to those dual classes now. 
Happy New Year!