Here are some random loves of mine right now:

1) Chris! (Okay, not so random.) Love that guy! We went and had our Valentine’s dinner date on Thursday night because neither of us want to go out on actual Valentine’s Day with all the other people. We went to Bo-Beau in La Mesa and had a lovely meal and drinks: pork, mashed potatoes, and a mule for him, salmon, lentils, and a Tokyo Tea for me. Tonight we’re going grocery shopping. And maybe we’ll bring back some sushi and make our own drinks here. Or maybe we’ll just watch a movie and work on our laptops. We’re open.

2) Fitbit! Sooooo glad I got this for myself for Christmas; it’s seriously a game changer for me. I haven’t had it long enough to see any real weight loss yet, but it is making me so much more aware of how much (or little) I’m moving, walking or otherwise. Most weekdays, I’m able to get to 7,000-10,000 pretty easily from walking around my classroom all day, but man, weekend days at home are ridiculously low. And, since I’m using it to track my calorie intake, too, it’s way more motivating for me not to eat an unnecessary amount of food on those home day, since I can see how little I’m exerting. Crazy cool. Crazy motivating. Crazy easy.

3) Elise Joy’s podcasts! I’ve followed Elise for awhile now, and I even dragged Chris down to a craft thingamajig downtown several years ago because she’d posted she’d be there on her blog. So wish I had gotten over myself and told her how awesome she and her blog were, but I was too shy. 🙁 Anyway! Elise has been putting up creative podcasts for awhile now, and they’re my new go-to at the gym during weight lifting. Currently listening to one on affiliate programs, as I type this. Loved the last one I listened to at the gym, where she interviewed a fiction writer. Man, it made me want to sit down and finish my book up finally! Maybe this summer? When I’m only prepping curriculum half the time?

4) Math = Love! Sarah Hagan is my new online best friend who doesn’t know I exist. Whenever I’m stuck for an idea of how to teach a concept or foldable ideas (or just want a laugh about the ridiculous things her students say) I think, “What would Sarah do?” Then I google the concept and her blog together and find something amazing. I’d guess a third of my Pinterest teaching items are from Math=Love.

5) Parks and Recreation! I am so sad the final season is almost over. This has become one of my all time favorite shows, and I can honestly say there’s never been a point where I thought they were running out of momentum or starting to shoot themselves in the foot (ahem, The Office, How I Met Your Mother, and Veronica Mars). The characters are all unique and ridiculous and just fun to watch, and why is it ending?! Why?! They’re releasing two episodes per week on Tuesdays, and I find myself trying not to watch them both at one to extend the time I have with this show.
6) My 8th graders this year. They are the sweetest, and I just adore them. They’re also really, really innocent for thirteen-year-olds, and that makes me love them so much more.

Happy Valentine’s, 2015!