Sitting next to each other at our giant desk. I love our giant desk.

Chris is editing pictures from our last photo shoot: a cute family session with a rock star four-year-old. While doing this, he’s watching Netflix movies on his iphone, a new habit he’s gotten in to while photo editing. Luckily he finished the season of Dexter he’d been watching last week, so we can again work in the same room. (I will not watch a show about serial killers- I would never sleep again if I did.)

I’m gearing up to start creating study sheets for my Geometry class. Should have started an hour ago, but I’ve been busy searching the blogger help boards to figure out what’s up with that gray box covering my posts. Don’t know if everyone else can see it, but it shows up on my screen, and it’s annoying!

Chris got to meet Jack from Jack in the Box yesterday. Yes, the Jack. His work did a huge seminar training thingamajig with them. They all got T-shirts that say I Know Jack and Chris got a picture with the guy. Apparently there’s only like two people who portray Jack, and Jack in the Box keeps their identities very hush hush.

I finally got my students to turn in a bunch of their past due homework. Having the ability to now threaten them with staying late seems to work. On most of them anyway.

I can’t wait until student teaching is over. And this credential program. I forget, what’s it like to do other things when you get home?

Chris will laugh at that when he reads this, because when he came home today I was taking a nap on the couch. But in my waking hours I am working, darn it!

Also, I like that guy. He came to wake me up at 8 so I wouldn’t completely destroy my sleep for the night, but really he came to get me because he’d accidentally used the strawberry chapstick that tastes nasty and he figured he could irk me by transferring it to me. And when I accused him of smelling like awful strawberry chapstick he just laughed. Because that’s our relationship. Irking each other and then laughing about it.

It’s fun.