Chris took me out for a spontaneous date night tonight. Love when he does that! We went to BJ’s for Happy Hour, sandwiches, and fries, and he told me all about the life plans he’d been thinking up for us. That guy is a planner and I love him! We planned out the New Car Plan, which entails me possibly getting rid of my White Demon soon! Woo-hoo! The White Demon currently has a busted transmission, likes to stall at stoplights, and won’t let me roll the windows down. Sigh. But yay for wonderful husband who’ve got plans!

We stopped by a client’s house to pick up a contract and ended up staying to chat for awhile. Their little girl is the sweetest thing; she won’t really have a conversation with you unless you really get her out of her shell, but all she really wants is to just stand really close to you when you’re around. I practically got a leg hug the entire time. Awesome, considering when we first met she was so shy she just froze, then slowly turned around and tried to tip toe away. I told her we’d be friends, and I was right! Chris is currently at his laptop editing those pictures, and I think they’re going to be some of my favorites. The whole family was just great, and they were even color coordinated in purples and blues- love it!

I signed up for my next set of credential classes. When May comes to a close, it will be the end of my third set of four classes. June 1 I’ll be starting the final set; just four more classes and I am good to go! Three of the four are going to be cake classes, which I’m looking forward to. First up is Health Ed for kids. The textbook costs $160, so I bought the previous edition for $20. New editions are overrated.

We’re waking up early tomorrow because a roof repair guy is coming to check out our ceiling at 7am. 7am. And the leaks are in our bedroom, so I can’t just continue sleeping after Chris tries to wake me up and then gives up to deal with it himself. (What? What kind of wife does that?) We’ve got to be up and ready with the bed made and all the pajamas picked up and the laundry put away. I kind of have a feeling this guy won’t even show up. He better show up if I’m going to be out of my warm bed that early.

Today marks one week until our little Monterey vacation. We’re using up those flight vouchers from last summer’s San Francisco trip to visit Chris’ cousins Emily and Kelsey and their husbands up north. Should be a fun and relaxing time (assuming I get most of my TPA done in the next week). And I love traveling with Chris. Airport lounges with him and a Submarina sandwich are just the best.

Oh, and tomorrow marks eight months of marriage! Chris pointed that out at dinner tonight, along with all the things we’ve accomplished in our eight little months of wedded bliss: bought a house, started a business, almost finished a teaching credential. Yep. We pretty much are rock stars. 🙂