Today I was going through the blogs on my Google Reader, and I found an interesting one from c jane enjoy it. What I like about her blog is how very extremely real she is on it. She says things the rest of us might be self-conscious saying.

For instance, today she talked about her seasonal depression. And how it was really affecting her. Badly. And how she felt she was just completely unworthy of anything. That she wasn’t worth anything.

Haven’t all of us girls felt exactly like this? I remember reading Captivating for the first time. And the biggest thing I got out of it was that all of us (us girls anyway) deal with feeling like this. We are not worthy. We are too much. We are too little. Reading that book was the first time anyone had so succinctly written exactly how I felt. And it was a relief to know that everyone else feels the same way at some time or another.

Before we got married, I told Chris that this is how girls think sometimes. I don’t know if he just thought I was being silly or not. I don’t know if guys go through stuff like that. But I wanted him to know that sometimes I’ll be in a mood… because I feel like I’m not being enough. And sometimes I’ll be in a mood… because I feel like I’m too much to deal with. It’s just the way we think. 

So to all the girls out there who feel that way now, or for when you feel it again, remember- it passes. And we really do all feel like that sometimes. And thanks to Courtney for being real about it for the rest of us to read.