Still eating wedding candy.

Speaking of wedding candy, guess what we got today? Our wedding pictures! Woot! Chris and I spent forever (definitely my whole allotted study time for today) looking through the 895 photos Rico and Rachel sent us.

They’re so amazing (photos and Rico and Rachel). Seeing the picture’s from the day brought so many memories back, as well as showed us some things we’d totally missed. For now, we’ve got a link that won’t let us save as and password to view them online, but we’ll be getting the CD in the mail shortly and then… watch out, blog. You will be overrun with yellow and gray loveliness.

You know… more than you already are.

(Chris is going through the photos again, and he just started laughing. I asked what was so funny. He said: “This picture of you getting squirted in the face with hair spray just cracks me up!” Cute, babe.)

Oh! Just figured out how to sneak them from the online gallery. You know, sometimes I am very pleased with my knowledge of computer work arounds. It comes in handy in times like this. Also, when we want to listen to Christmas music online in the classroom and everything’s been firewalled… or so they think. 😉
Here’s just a few I’m pulling off randomly. I don’t have the time right now to go through all 895 and find my favorites again. So maybe just one or two…
… or seven… or twelve…
I just can’t stop!

Also, is anyone else doing this REVERB10 thingamajig. Sounds pretty cool. First prompt is a word that sums up your year. Mine is grace. I’ll have to explain it later, but I think I’m on board for this month long project. Let me know if you’re participating too. 🙂