Oh, my gosh, I’ve made you wait so long!

I wish I could say it took me this long to find out too, so you all wouldn’t feel as ditched as I feel you all feel (say that five times fast), but I knew at 5:02 pm on Tuesday evening. I just haven’t had a chance to drift over to the blogosphere and report it. I kind of a little bit suck that way. But I’m trying to be better!


I passed! Well, I passed one of them. The one I’d actually studied for, Algebra & Number Theory. And I was only thirteen points away from passing Geometry, Probability, & Statistics. Bummer. That would have been the lucky break of the year. But I really didn’t take time to study for that one, so I can’t be upset.

Woot! I passed the CSET! Hear me roar!

I remember, months ago, when I first took a look at that sample CSET. I thought I was going to die. I thought no one can possibly pass this test. You would’ve had to major in math to pass this test. Just goes to show what massive amounts of studying and a good Algebra 2 Teacher’s Edition can do!

(If you too want to feel the fear of God in your heart, go here to see the sample test. Seriously. Thought I would die.)

Classes for National start up again next week. I’m devoting this week to finishing TPA 1, then spending the next month doing classwork and studying for CSET Take Two. On top of that, Chris and I did another photo shoot today for one of his best friends, Chris Moses, his wife Shay, and soon-to-arrive Baby Boy Moses out in Redlands today. I am just itching to start editing those photos… and our wedding photos, our honeymoon photos, and other photo shoots I haven’t finished recently. It’s going to get a little crazy busy around here!

P.S. My beloved husband has already gone through all his honeymoon pictures and edited them. And started on mine. He is Superman. He’s begun blogging some of our story on his site, http://christrementozzi.tumblr.com/, if you want to check it out. I’m still working on the lengthy version of our two weeks in Hawaii, so bear with me! It’ll be up eventually!