It’s Thursday, ya’ll! Only two more days of my dual classes and then I’m free! (Kind of.)

We have a photography name picked out… details to come soon!

I am sick. Dislike button. And you know what? It’s not fun sharing a bed with someone when you’re sick. Said someone will demand that you face the wall and not breathe your gross germs all over him.

Said someone’s been working from home a lot. Difficult time for him at work- too many projects, not enough Chrises!

I’m about to begin lesson planning for an entire two classes! Excited and nervous about these classes every other second! I also need to figure out how to fit 15 kids into a spare classroom that is the size of our guest bedroom….

I really want to cook something. Sadly, I made too much of other somethings last weekend, and we’ve had leftovers up to wazoo all week. Dislike button again. I want something new!

My new somethings, when I’m allowed to cook them, are Chinese fried rice and orange chicken. Excited to see what that stuff tastes like homemade and, you know, not from the Lucky Chinese place.

And that’s the haps.