She has to wait in her car in the mornings while the windows defrost.

He parks in the garage, so he just zips on out.

He’s finally got a clicker to open and close the garage door from his car, thanks to his lovely wife.

She no longer has to run down the stairs to let him in every evening.


The house has been averaging a temperature of 62 degrees.

She’s taken to exercising to keep warm in the freezing house.

He’s brought the leopard print blanket Sarah made her for her birthday to bed with him the last few nights.

She still can’t sleep without the bedside fan on, despite the freezing temperatures.

He has no idea she turns the fan on in the middle of the night.


They’re booked solid on weekend photo shoots through Christmas.

They’ve got a wedding to shoot this Friday. It’s supposed to rain.

He’s currently editing Katie and Mike’s wedding photos.

She’s currently editing Zoey’s two-year shots. (There were pink and orange balloons.)


They’ve been trying to train the cats to sleep in bed with them.

She ends up kicking them out sometime in the middle of the night when they start getting rowdy.

He mumbles ‘no’ half-consciously and snuggles with the offending cat, until he gets a good nip in the nose, and then those cats are out of there.


She made soup three times last week: spicy pumpkin, vegetable beef, and spicy chicken and rice.

He was the only one who liked the spicy pumpkin.


He’s busted out the sweat pants. It’s cold in that house!
She’s commented on the fact that he looks very nice in his sweat pants. Something which seemed to amuse him…
He left the sweat pants on the floor one day after wearing them.
She decided they looked too comfy not try out.
(She’s currently wearing his confirmed comfy sweat pants.)
(He probably won’t be getting them back.)