1. It has been almost two months since my last post! Sometimes I lay awake at night and think about the things I would have blogged if I had time.

2. I’m currently taking a break to eat dinner and catch up on other blogs. (It’s hard to use InDesign and hold a fork at the same time.) Saw someone else’s Ten on Tuesday and thought, “I have enough time to write ten quick things!” So here we are.

3. Today was a difficult day. My first module was pretty bad. Someone threw a stink bomb in another classroom. I had a whiny kid in third module. And in my fifth, I made my first kid cry. To be fair, she cried because she had done something inappropriate and I was letting her know exactly how her actions had affected other people and she was actually taking it seriously, so at least it was kind of a win. But it still wasn’t pleasant for me.

4. We just had a weekend off. It was amazing! We sat at home. Chris got an entire engagement session done in two days. I had two full days to work on school stuff.

5. Somewhere in that weekend, we also fit in repotting our succulents (we kind of killed them off…) and I went to Home Depot for this season’s attempts at growing things. Got some lettuce, arugula, basil, and some starter seeds that we’ll see if I can actually get to grow.

6. Ry came over one of those nights. We made awesome quesadillas and watched Argo. Good movie, but I’m finding I can’t handle intense movies very well anymore. I become a stress case throughout the whole thing!

7. Jack has officially learned how to do the “happy dance” on command. His happy dance is the rolling dance he does at the front door whenever one of us comes homes (or Ryan comes over- Ry’s special). He’s done it since he was a baby, and I’ve been trying to teach him to do it when I say, “Where’s your happy dance?” And. He. Does. Smartest cat ever.

8. Sawyer continues to be pretty.

9. We went kayaking (in February!) last week on our day off. Cool experience, but we were tired! Hopefully I can do a full, real post on it with the pics. We rented a water proof camera to document the experience.

10. And, before I get back to work, what am I currently working on? I mentioned InDesign before… I’ve started creating my own worksheets and help documents in InDesign and I’m loving how they look. Now instead of searching for the perfect worksheet that covers everything my kids need to know, in the order I want to teach it in, I just make it myself. It’s time consuming, but it’s also a creative outlet, so it’s working for me. Maybe I could be a math textbook designer… how does one get a gig like that?