Our kids at school have to watch the 1968 version of Romeo and Juliet as part of their literature lessons. Everytime I pass the TV while this particular movie is playing, I stop. Because the guy who plays Romeo looks Exactly. Like. Zac. Efron.

I mean, exactly.

The first time I walked by the TV while the movie was playing, I thought it was him. Had to be. I would’ve bet Chris’ hard-earned money on it. But then I found out it was the 1968 version, so I conceded that it (most likely) was not him after all.

The movie was playing today while we were in the kitchen area for lunch. I mentioned my Zac Efron theory to the table, and everyone all strained to see the TV, before Katie confirmed that, holy cow, yes, that did indeed look just like Zac Efron. She is now a believer that the actor must be Zac Efron’s long lost father. Long lost, because IMDB shows no connection between Leonard Whiting (our 1968 star crossed lover) and ZE. So surely, Zac Efron must have been stolen at birth and is really Leonard Whiting’s kid. Or Zac Efron’s a lot older than he plays on Disney movies.

To see for yourself, go to this youtube video. It’s the 1968 actors doing a little Q&A about the movie. You’ll become a believer in the Leonard Whiting/Zac Efron theory, I’m sure of it.

Well, not everyone believed it, because not everyone has seen High School Musical. Apparently it’s just the 26 and under crowd that knows who Zac Efron is. But that discussion led to other Disney movies we all recalled seeing over the years. And that led to TV shows of the past. And then nostalgia settled over the lunch table. Good old nostalgia.

We discussed Care Bears and Smurfs and Gummi Bears and Snorks. Salute Your Shorts, Hey Dude, and Pete & Pete. The Stick Stickly summer afternoon programming on Nickelodeon. Pretty much everything pre-2000. Oh, and Saved by the Bell. Oh, how we all love Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

(Time out. (Ha.) Have you seen Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon? Go watch and be amazed at the awesomeness of Zack Morris.)

Time in. (Ha.)

So what do you all remember watching faithfully as a kid?