Picture(s) of the day for February 19th
Since Kris and Becky were in town, Chris and I lugged our sorry behinds out of bed early (for a weekend), and met them in North Park for breakfast. Because Chris is trendy like that, he picked a hip, tiny cafe called Parkhouse Eatery. It turned out to be pretty cool, but I’m glad we got there early: otherwise, we would have been standing in the street waiting for a table, like the poor schmucks you can see in the picture below. Sorry, poor schmucks. I did feel a little guilty as we sat around talking for about half an hour after they’d cleared our plates, but hey, we got up early (for a weekend) to get that table.
Kris and Becky wanted to walk around Fashion Valley for a bit before getting in the car for their long ride back, and we stopped at Robbin’s Brothers along the way to get our rings cleaned, since it’s so close to Fashion. Since I now have a cool camera phone, I took a shot of the bathroom door, something I’ve always wanted to do at Robbin’s Brothers because of this:

(This morning, Chris asked me in a weird voice: “Do you know you’re tweeting pictures to Next to Me Studios?” And I said “Yes, of course, I think I know where I’m tweeting, sheesh.” And he replied that Robbin’s Brothers had re-tweeted my picture tweet, which we both thought was pretty cool. And also? Free publicity to a diamond ring store. Heck yeah. If that’s not awesome fortune for a photographer, I don’t know what is.

At home: I tried to mimic Sam the Cooking Guy’s salt and pepper shrimp, only it came out awful because I used the same amount of salt and pepper that the recipe for a pound of shrimp called for, even though I only had about 15 shrimp left in the bag. Because I’m a smartie like that. Chris came in and discovered a shrimp on the floor, that Jack must have jumped on the counter to get and disliked enough to knock it off and then run away. Chris rinsed away the salt and pepper and broke it into pieces and then Jack was all over it. Sawyer, on the other hand, kept looking at Chris like, “Are you freaking kidding me? I’m not eating that,” every time Chris held it out to him. I think he’s very sensitive to the garlic smell. So Jack ate the whole shrimp by himself.

Later that night, Ryan came over and the three of us had a good old fashioned camp out at the dining room table with our laptops. I got through almost half of Trinity’s newborn photos while we dined on carrots and broccoli, Trader Joe’s cookies, and delightful peach champagne. Chris also taught me how to use the remote on our new cameras, but those are pictures for another day. The cats, meanwhile, spent a rewarding night creating epic scenarios involving the two bags Ry brought with him. I don’t know why we spend money on real cat toys.