… that I woke up on Sunday morning to find a huge, puffy, itchy bug bite on my abdomen. It was bright red. And warm to the touch. About the width of two half dollars and the height of one.

Actually, why paint a word picture when I can just show you an iphone picture?

I do not like it. Not one bit.

We’re actually only guessing it’s a mosquito bite. It’s the closest to pictures I’ve found online of “severe reactions” to that kind of bite. I guess normal mosquito bites aren’t quite this bad? I wouldn’t know, I’ve never gotten one (that I’m aware of), which is very surprising to Chris, since I’ve worked seven summers at a camp in the heart of Jamul. This one is far and away the worst bite I’ve ever had from anything, and I’ve been anti-histamining and cortisone creaming up the last three days. But it’s still here, and still itching like crazy!