I figured out how to work the system!
For your viewing pleasure, Chris and I have begun creating ‘short vids’: 30 second clips that will upload easily as opposed to our 4-5 minute regular videos which time out before our slow connection can get ’em up.
Three things to note:
1) I am the sole spokesperson of these videos, at least for today, because Chris was in a no-video funk. However, in our last week here, he has pretty much been the sole member of Team Trementozzi to be seen on the video, as I am usually the one wielding the camera. 
2) I realize each time I see myself on video how much I speak with my hands. Like, an insane amount. I blame it on my 3 ASL classes in college. 
3) It’s been pretty overcast the last couple days, so don’t be shocked when you don’t see the lush, beautiful blue of Hawaii in the background. It’s a little sad that it’s so cloudy here when I hear it’s hitting 114 degrees back home. Despite the clouds, the temperature still remains around 80-90 (fluctuates quite a bit at any given moment depending on cloud cover), and Chris and I remain continuously bathed in sweat from the humidity.
As we’ve been sitting here, out in the lovely internet-fed lounge, I’ve fed into the youtube craze and created an account. Videos seem to be uploading a LOT quicker to that site, and I believe if you go to the first video here, you’ll be able to click on my username to access the rest. I may or may not be adding more videos as the week goes on. We’ll see how many more evenings we’ll have time for lounging. We’ve booked quite a few activities for the rest of the week, and I never know when I’ll come back to our room and pass out from exhaustion, or when I’m up for staying out past 9 p.m. Honeymooning is tiring, people.