I have been in a battle royale with my sewing machine for many, many hours.

I have one productive thing to show for it:

An infant headband for one of our upcoming shoots. And really, the only thing the machine did for me was attach the ends of the lace. Which I could have done by hand. Faster. But I’d finally gotten the thing working, so I wanted to, you know, actually use the machine for something.

Right after this, the bobbin thread got tangled and I had to pull it all out. (Again.)

Sigh. Sewing machine, I know I would love you, if you just gave me opportunities to use you. You keep being a thorn in my side at the beginning of every project, and three hours later we have gotten nowhere except frustrated.

Just thread your needle. Just keep the needle threaded. Just keep the bobbin happy and untangled. Just pull the bobbin thread up.

It’s very simple.