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Woohoo! If you’re looking for anything fun and engaging for your middle/high school math students, Teachers Pay Teachers is throwing a big ol’ sale! It’s happening just in time for the second semester to start, and it’s for two days only, so make sure you grab up what you need this Wednesday and Thursday.

Along with using my own math products (check out my store here), there are a few TPT stores that I frequently get activities from. Check out their stuff below!

21st Century Math Projects: Wow. Just wow. This guy makes amazing products that have real real-world applications. (You know some of those real-world scenarios in textbooks are seriously not ever going to happen in real life.) And his Person Puzzles are so awesome! See his blog here and TPT store here.

All Things Algebra: She has all the stuff. All of it. Like, full year-long curriculums if that’s what you need. My favorite thing I’ve bought from this store is a Koosh ball game template. Totally worth the money to not have to set that up yourself, and I use it all the time for reviews. My kids have always adored playing koosh games before tests. See her TPT store here.

Aric Thomas and the Amazing Coloring Worksheets: Okay, he’s just Aric Thomas, but he should totally change his store name to that. If you’re looking for a not-a-worksheet that still gives students plenty of practice problems, and also satisfies their need to color once in awhile (my 8th graders still LOVE coloring) this is where you need to be looking. The coloring part of it serves as a self-check system (awesome), plus these are great when you need something colorful to decorate your walls (doubly awesome). See his TPT store here.