December 7 – Community. Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011?

This one’s easy. My discovered “community” is my beautiful new family! Growing up with zilch extended family and but one grandmother, I always wanted cousins and aunts and uncles and the whole shebang. Well, Chris has them in spades and he’s so nice to share them with me. 🙂 

For those of you wondering, what the heck is this Reverb 10 you keep posting, here are the details:
2) You get a prompt each day (one word)
3) You do what you want with said prompt (write, take a picture, watercolor a Thomas Kinkade replica… etc.)
4) In doing so, you reflect on your year and have something to look back on that sums things up.
5) That’s pretty much it!