Exciting things are going on over here at the Trementozzi house. Chris and I are moving forward in year number two of our business by rebranding. Although, I suppose rebranding isn’t really the proper terminology, since we never technically branded in the first place. (And as I just studied prefixes with my seventh grade ELL tutoring kiddo, I am now very aware of the impact of the beginnings of words.) Next to Me Studio’s current look is really just a blend of a great photo Chris took in a field by his parent’s house in Redlands and a cool font he found sometime later.

But it has served us well in our first year of being real live photographer peoples. Chris added up the photo gigs from last year, and the total came in at a surprising number of 29 family and couples shoots and 7 weddings. Not too shabby for a free website and first year.

It’s year number dos, though, and like I said, we’re getting serious about our look now. Our wonderful and amazing designer friend Cody (of Caava Design) has begun the enormous task of figuring out our new style and feel; we seriously can not wait to see what he’s got cooking. Cody did our wedding invitations and save the dates, and his work is just overall amazing sauce, so you can see why we’re anxious to catch a peek of what he’s got in mind for us.

A glimpse of our wedding invites:

We also met with the amazing Kelsey of blogging fame (happyolks.com) who is going to be the awesome talent behind the verbiage of our new website. Let me tell you, I’m a little relieved we’re going with someone else to write about us. Chris and I wrote our current website last year, and geez, those were some dark days of frustration. And in the end, neither of us were really satisfied with the way our words sounded. We have such different voices, it was extremely hard to compromise on how to word everything. And since we’re both generally super compromising in all other aspects of life, this endless frustration led us to the idea that maybe, just maybe, it would be much better for our marriage and individual sanities to have an outsider do the dirty work for us.

Big sigh of relief that we don’t have to do all that over again. We just get to do the fun stuff, like ooh and ahh over how awesome we sound in someone else’s words. 😉

Stay tuned for more on the progress of spiffifying (<– newly made up and awesome word) our brand. And, of course, the continuation of Picture of the Day: 2012.