It’s 12:46am, I’m laying in bed waiting for sleep to overcome me, and sadly, it just isn’t. Darn that ten minute nap at 7pm!

I figure it’s a good time to blog.

In lieu of a real post that actually has some thought behind it, we’re going with randoms from the last three days on the iPhone tonight/this morning. And let’s be honest, my posts are always a lot more amusing when I don’t think them through first.

Up first, the Captain Holz. I’m finally getting around to editing these (so sorry, Melody!) and I’m having a ton of fun with them. Mel’s concerned that people will get the wrong idea based on Holz’ face here, but let me clarify that this face is the “Captain Holz” face, and not a “oh, no, I’m having a girl!” face.

Since we’re gearing up to launch our new website in about three weeks, Chris has been researching all kinds of goodies we’ll need for our new branding materials. He decided we needed a stamp. This one here though is our personal logo, not our business logo. (That’s right, we’ve got a personal logo. We are just awesome like that.) He says we’ll use this on all our correspondence. I’m going to use it on the only piece of mail I send anymore, our HOA bill at the beginning of the month. I think they’ll be impressed.
Monday night we walked down to Outback Steakhouse for dinner and dessert while I talked Chris’ ear off about my lesson demo from that morning. We split the Sidney Sinfully Sundae, but I think they shorted us, because I remember it being HUGE last time.
Yesterday I made us ultimate shrimp barley bacon salads for dinner. I have never had such a huge salad in my life. It’s really hard to gauge the size of a salad when all the ingredients are in their own separate bowls. I still ate the whole thing.
The Tony’s! I heart them! And Neil Patric Harris. Life should be a musical, Neil. I would have so much more fun if I could express myself with a heartfelt song every five minutes.
Pinterest fail: make ahead oatmeal smoothies. Blech. But mason jars for the win! I shall put my tried and proven green smoothies in them instead.
More business prep: sample business cards from moo. They let you print cards with a variety of backgrounds which is rad. Seeing them all scattered across the desk makes me miss the days of yore when we actually printed our photos…
There was a lizard on our screen when I came home yesterday. 
That’s all.
I finally began playing around with the iPad. Chris gave me permission to fill the bookshelf (with free books), so I’ve been busy hunting down public domain books, especially ones my kids read in high school that I never read or haven’t read in a long time. I’m a little in love with reading on the iPad now. I tried so hard not to get into digital books, because I feel like I’m personally shooting Borders and Walden’s and Bookstar in the face, but I love me some digital stuff! It was inevitable…. 🙁
They have discovered drawers and how fun it is to pull everything out of drawers. It started with my pajama drawer. Then my sock drawer. Then my underwear drawer. Today it escalated to the kitchen drawer where we keep all the dish towels. You’ll notice this picture is not our kitchen. That’s because along with pulling things out of drawers, Sawyer also has a love of dragging things from one room to the other. I’m a little impressed that he kept up with his little project long enough to pull six towels across the house.
My new workstation! I realized I hadn’t grabbed a picture of it yet, and it’s been a couple weeks since my darling husband created me a workspace to match his. The giant monitor is my new favorite thing, next to free iPad books. He even went out and bought me a Mac keyboard to complete the look. I’m loving this new space, though I’m thinking of sprucing it up a bit with some flowers or an interesting picture frame. Maybe during my summer break (read: week of July 4th, darn year round school)….