Felt like randomly pulling a photo from our collection today. My mouse landed on a photo from March this year, when we were up at Chris’ parent’s house for his mom’s birthday. We were yard sale-ing it up that particular morning, when Chris’ mom decided to bust out the baby blanket she’d been working on. For our first child. Whenever that may be.
(This was about five months into our marriage, in case you were wondering. Also, four years and seven months before the time Chris keeps his fingers crossed that we’ll actually be having our first child. In case anyone was wondering that, too.)

(Don’t worry, though, I think I’m worn him down to just three years. Wink.) 
Surprisingly, Chris was not too perturbed by this nearly finished baby blanket. He even posed for pictures. For about a second. Then he was over it, and we were no longer allowed to talk about babies for the remainder of the trip.

Isn’t that blanket adorable?!

And this commences the first installment of Random Photo Tuesday.