I don’t know what it was about today, but as I lay in bed here, trying to get sleepy enough to actually go to sleep, I just feel like it was so wonderful.

Chris and I stayed in bed until noon, sleeping and cuddling, kicking the cats out for getting wild, then letting them back in when they started mewing pathetically outside the door.

Eating two meals at our kitchen table, instead of in the office over work. First was lunch, where Chris made us giant sandwiches, and second was a collaborative effort for dinner, where Chris made egg drop soup and I steamed some asparagus stir fry.

Getting a bag of veggies and fruits from Sprouts and planning out the week’s meals. Thai chicken lemon soup is something we’re looking forward to…

The smell of the crockpot cooking chicken for the week.

Enjoying rain from the comfort of our home. Holing up in the office with our space heater while the rest of the house froze. Being delighted with the sound of sporadic hail throughout the day. (Waking up suddenly at 3am to the deafening sound and trying to figure out why we could only hear it on one side of our house; it was beating sideways against our sliding glass door in the living room and sounded like we lived under a waterfall.)

Working alongside Chris in the office. Paying off a big chunk of our car payment and getting rid of other bills. Talking about our next vacation. Giggling and kissing whenever he said something funny.

Watching him edit a maternity shoot with so much love. Seriously. He loves his job as a photographer.

Getting an email from a potential wedding client that she wanted Next to Me Studios and was so bummed we were already booked on her wedding date.

This is our little life. Sometimes it’s nice to have those sweet little stuck-at-home days to really remember how awesome it is.