My first Trementozzi Thanksgiving! It was fabulous! Chris and I went up to Redlands on Thursday morning, and Thanksgiving dinner was quick to follow. I did not stuff myself, let it be known. Chris did. I did have the world’s largest piece of pumpkin pie with a mountain of whipped cream on top… mmmm… pumpkin pie and whipped cream… I miss it already…
Chris and I got up at 3a.m. to go Black Friday shopping. No one else was willing to go that early, so it was just the two of us on the cozy ride into downtown Redlands. We tried Target first, because my experience has been that you get in there fast and get out fast as it just gets crazy if you wait too long. However, the Redlands Target was absurdly crowded. Chris pointed out there’s only one for miles, as opposed to San Diego’s gazillion all over the city. Seriously, we came back an hour later, and the line was still going in.
We hit Bed, Bath, and, Beyond for some of our leftover wedding registry items, then on to Starbucks while we decided our next plan of attack. Headed to Best Buy for a new router for our (hopefully) new condo, then Staples for a laptop cooling mat and a CF card for Chris. Yes, I know you’re supposed to buy Christmas presents for other people on Black Friday; it’s one of our joint downfalls. We did find a few gifts to tuck away, but the real Christmas shopping will begin tomorrow online. 😉
While we were on vacation, I spent much time on my computer, finishing up last week’s assignments for class and playing with a new photo editing program Chris has been raving about. Lightroom is awesome. It’s true. Pictures are ready MUCH faster, which helps me and my zillion photos that I have to archive still. 
So, while they’re not the best photos (harsh, dim light for most of the Thanksgiving festivities was not my friend), they are ready to go just a day after our return. I think that’s progress.