The latest blog post for our little photography studio is up tonight. This one was the most adorable family shoot, where I walked away in love with three little boys. True story. They were so adorable. Check them out, along with the rest of the fam, at our photography blog. 
In other news, we’re making progress to getting our new website and brand down! Cody sent us our first sneak peeks last night (right in the middle of our watching Monday night’s How I Met Your Mother- I saw the tweet and then had to keep my mouth shut for the last ten minutes so we could get through the rest of the episode!) We are so excited about the looks Cody’s got going for us. I can’t wait for us to get our brand spanking new, professional and design-y website and blog going!
We discussed branding with Ben & Jerry, of course.

And this is us (and Sawyer, who wanted to be in on the snugglefest) being so stinking excited about the new look!